Explosive Twist: Harden Rejects Philadelphia 76ers’ Trade Deal Amidst Liar Allegation


Two days after the report, the Philadelphia 76ers have concluded trade discussions with James Harden, rejecting the deal. The 10-time All-Star guard addressed the 76ers’ president, Daryl Morey, with criticism. Harden, during an Adidas media event in China, stated, “Daryl Morey is a liar, and I will never be a part of the organization he is a part of.” “I should say it again: Daryl Morey is a liar, and I will never be a part of the organization he is a part of.”

Sources revealed on Saturday that the 76ers plan to bring back Harden to training camp and create an uncomfortable situation with the disgruntled star for the start of the season. There were occasional off-the-record discussions between the Sixers and the LA Clippers – Harden’s desired destination – but no progress was made on a deal.

Harden’s Video on Daryl Morey

In June, after agreeing to the $35.6 million player option, the 76ers consented to explore a trade at Harden’s request, but the asking price from the 76ers was too high, and no team, including the Clippers, was willing or able to meet it, sources said.

Sources noted that his unhappiness with Morey was due to the lack of a long-term maximum-level contract offer, and the team risks jeopardizing their championship mindset by welcoming him back into the training camp. Morey and Harden were GM and franchise player, respectively, for more than eight seasons with the Rockets.

Philadelphia believes that with the return of MVP center Joel Embiid, Harden could contend for a championship, and the team is determined to find a way to work with him this season, sources said.

In 2018, NBA MVP Harden attempted to force his way out of his third team in three years. He emerged as a star with the Rockets – leading the team under Morey – until he wanted out to Brooklyn. The Rockets ultimately agreed and sent him to the Nets. When the Big Three championship never materialized with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, Harden wanted a deal with the 76ers – largely because of his strong professional and personal relationships with Morey.

Harden took the lead in assists throughout the season, yet one of the standout isolation scorers in the league outshone Embiid. The situation seems to suggest that positioning himself as a secondary choice behind Embiid and striving for a championship in Philadelphia no longer holds the same weight in terms of a committed pursuit.

In the Eastern Conference Playoffs second round, the 76ers put on a strong performance – and now find themselves stuck between the East under new coach Nick Nurse’s leadership.

Harden scored 45 points in Game 1 against the Celtics and had 42 points in the win of Game 4. In the losses of Games 2 and 6, he went 0-for-6 in the final 3 seconds. He scored only nine points in Game 7 and was scoreless in the second half.

The 76ers had been down this path before when former No. 1 pick Ben Simmons demanded a trade after clashes with former coach Doc Rivers and other members of the organization. Simmons created conflict during the 2021 training camp, never played for the 76ers that season, and was ultimately dealt for Harden.

The complex and dynamic nature of player-team relationships, which is highlighted by James Harden’s trade saga with the Philadelphia 76ers, has fans and analysts alike interested in the outcome and its potential effects on team dynamics, player motivations, and the overall landscape of the upcoming NBA season. Basketball fans will undoubtedly be fascinated in the Harden-76ers storyline as the league’s narrative progresses and be eager to witness how this pivotal episode in NBA history plays out on and off the court.

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