Cardi B’s Concert Incident: Fan Throws Drink on Stage | Rising Trend of Disruptions (July,30)


Rapper Cardi B battled a fan who tossed a drink at her during her performance in Las Vegas, adding to the recent trend of concertgoers upsetting musicians by throwing things on stage.

It seems that the incident happened during Cardi B’s scheduled Saturday night concert at a nightclub. In a video that was shared on social media, she can be seen singing her blockbuster song “Bodak Yellow” when someone in the crowd throws a big cup, which causes liquid to splash on the rapper.

Cardi B is first shocked by the incident, but she immediately responds by hurling her microphone at the perpetrator.

Cardi B’s Video in trend on twitter

Over six million people have watched the obscene language-filled video on TikTok & On Twitter

A request for comment from NBC News was not immediately answered by a representative of Cardi B, and an email sent on Sunday morning seeking more details on the incident was not answered by the Las Vegas nightclub.

Cardi B is the most recent performer to experience physical attacks or have things thrown at her while she’s on stage. Bebe Rexha recently suffered an eye injury when a concertgoer threw a phone at her last month on Manhattan’s Pier 17.

Nicholas Malvagna, the alleged offender, said that he thought hitting Rexha would be amusing. According to his attorney, he simply hoped that Rexha would snap pictures while performing before returning the phone to him.

Just one week after her previous incident, the renowned singer Kelsea Ballerini took the stage in Idaho, ready to captivate the audience with her soulful rendition of “If You Go Down (I’m Going Down Too).” As she poured her heart into the song, fate had a different plan in store. Suddenly, she felt a sharp impact on her face, leaving her momentarily taken aback.

Despite the surprise, Kelsea’s professionalism shone through. She paused for a moment, turning to the concerned crowd with grace and composure. “What happened tonight,” she spoke with a hint of disappointment but a genuine concern, “I want to address it with all of you. My topmost priority is the safety and well-being of each one of you.”

With those reassuring words, she decided to bring her performance to a close. However, she left an unforgettable mark on her fans by ending the song with a poignant and audible note, leaving a lingering echo of her mesmerizing talent even as she stepped away from the stage. The incident highlighted not only her resilience but also her care for her audience, making her a truly remarkable artist in the hearts of all who witnessed the moment.

Harry Styles seemed to be in discomfort earlier this month when performing at a music festival in Vienna. It’s unclear what exactly transpired, but in a fan video, he could be seen walking off stage with his head in his hands while appearing to be uncomfortable.

During the “Love On Tour” performance, Styles was hurt by something for the second time. When Skittles candy was thrown at him the previous year, the company replied by running an advertising in the Los Angeles Times pleading with people not to do the same.


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