“Severe Weather Strikes Chicago (July 13,2023): Tornadoes Cause Havoc and Airport Travel Disruptions”



Experience the aftermath of severe weather in Chicago as tornadoes wreak havoc and disrupt airport travel. Stay updated on the latest developments and impacts of the storm.

As sirens wailed in the third-largest city in the nation, the rain and flooding on Wednesday reportedly wreaked havoc in the wider Chicago area and temporarily halted all aircraft travel at O’Hare and Midway airports. In four counties in northeastern Illinois, at least eight tornadoes, including four in Cook County, which is home to Chicago, touched down, prompting officials to encourage citizens to seek cover.

An evening storm on Wednesday forced hundreds of flights to be cancelled and sent travelers running for cover at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The National Weather Service in Chicago confirmed that a tornado had actually made landfall at around seven o’clock in the evening.

The authorities have informed us that this tornado has been touching down at irregular intervals and moving towards the east,” they said. In the area south of O’Hare, there are more circulations. It’s crucial that you take quick protective action if you find yourself in the area that is under a tornado warning. To guarantee your safety, choose a secure location and take cover.

Chicago O’hare Airport : Flights affected due to tornado

The meteorological service declared the prediction region for Chicago to be “clear of the tornado threat for the time being” around 8 p.m. According to the statement, as the storm proceeded eastward towards southern Michigan on Thursday morning, a tornado watch was issued for parts of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Hundreds of people were seen looking for refuge at O’Hare Concourse on TV station videos. Flight tracking service FlightAware has reported that a significant number of travel plans were disrupted due to the severe weather conditions.

Approximately 173 departing planes had to be cancelled, causing disappointment and inconvenience for many passengers. In addition, over 500 flights experienced delays, further compounding the frustrations of travelers. These delays serve as a reminder of the effects that bad weather can have on air travel and the difficulties that airlines and passengers can encounter in such circumstances.¬† No damage has been reported at either airport, according to Kevin Bargnes, director of communications for O’Hare and Midway International Airports, on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening, the National Weather Service had issued two tornado warnings for Chicago, advising locals to take cover. Longtime Chicagoan Lin Baker shared a video on Twitter of the deafening tornado siren and the iconic skyline of the city.

My alternatives are somewhat constrained because I live in a 60-story apartment complex, she explained. “I believe we will need to enter the building’s core.” According to Baker, local media reported on the storm.

When everything on the TV screen is red, she observed, “There’s a certain level of anxiety.” But maybe the harm will be just minor. Apparently damaged warehouses were found close to O’Hare, according to local news sources.

According to the weather service, a roof was blown off in Huntley, McHenry County, northwest of Chicago, according to an unnamed emergency management. In addition to reports of a power loss, Huntley Battalion Chief Mike Pierce told ABC 7-TV that there was a response to downed power lines, trees, and branches. The damage, according to him, seemed to be concentrated around two apartment buildings.

According to ComEd, the area’s more than 10,000 customers were without electricity.

According to authorities, the storm caused damage in the southwest suburban Hodgkins, and debris was discovered close to the north side of the Malibu Shopping Centre.

The Storm Prediction Centre of the weather agency had earlier on Wednesday reported an increase in the threat of severe weather, including tornadoes, for northern Illinois, including Chicago.

The National Weather Service Senior meteorologist Mr. Brett Borchardt confirmed to WGN-TV that numerous tornadoes have made landfall in the Chicago area. He predicted that assessing the damage might take many days.

There have been a lot of tornadoes lately in the wider Chicago metropolitan area, many of which have happened inside Chicago’s city limits. Between 1855 and 2021, the Chicago metropolitan area saw 97 severe tornadoes, according to the meteorological service.

On April 21, 1967, a tornado outbreak in Cook County’s Palos Hills claimed the lives of the most people. As per the weather service report, a twister that travelled 16 miles (26 kilometres) from Oak Lawn to the south of Chicago caused more than $50 million in damage and killed 33 people.

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